A family business

The Biscuiterie Latour is a family business that we have been running for almost 20 years. It is located in the Ardennes, in Givet.

Our team currently consists of 6 passionate people.

Our Story

Our company has been in existence since 2003.

Our organic range was launched in 2010 with great success.

We are very proud to have been awarded IFS certification in 2020 for the first time.

We continue to develop our tooling on an ongoing basis in order to remain at the cutting edge.

We already export to several European countries

The head office of the Latour biscuit factory is located in Givet, France and we export our products to several countries.

Our strengths

Production on demand

We produce each order on demand, which allows us to guarantee the absolute freshness of our waffles. 

State of the art tooling

Opportunities don't happen, you create them

Pure butter waffles

Nous sélectionnons nos ingrédients avec soin pour vous fournir un produit savoureux et sain. Pas d'additif, pas de conservateur ni de colorant, pas d'huile de palme. QUE DU BON !

IFS certification

In 2020, we will obtain IFS. (food safety certification)

Future of the brand

Nous rajeunissons notre logo et nous développons une gamme de boîtes qualitatives tout en restant abordables pour votre consommateur. Aspect artisanal et papier 100% recyclé.

Latour also in BIO !

In 2012, we decided to broaden our horizons by developing an organic recipe. This will enable us to meet the growing demand of our consumers. 

Our clients
They have always trusted us.

We are happy to count on our trusted partners on a daily basis. We are also present in delicatessen in France and Belgium.